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5 Turbines

Some holiday, somewhen. Like hearing that Bobby Kennedy got himself kilt right before he drank the rubbing alcohol by mistake. Clouded mind.

Sid Skin shows off new radiation retro-scarificate symposium pamphlets & Kindred knew he could never remember that line,forget repeating it.

The new guy-& aren't they all new guys?-is Cubey Townsend. Or maybe he was calling HIM Cubey & asking what town he was in, like a question.

Kindred hated being accosted by strangers when he examined the turbines, which must empower the Joy Motel withsome type of sentience. WHAT?

And this is what you think? What I think? Yes, what you think.That I myself can think. But you can. Wait, what? Kindred asked the Joy Motel.

12 witnesses seeing, 11 cameras hrmmmming,10 puffs of desert, 9 screaming campers, 8 mothers milking 7 babies sucking 6/?:... 5 RED BALLOONS

4 doors wide open 3 windows whipping 2 turbines charging towards a mushroom cloud & a vestal virgin's thighs, he said, to all a good blight

Kindred could not help but feel poetic & roly poly in polemics during the time of happy hostage days. Rant on the road,Culhane on the beach.

Mitch went on about catching the nanotube gang out in Abilene, talking future talk, you ask me. I did ask you. You did? Kindred stared back.

Where's the eye? We're tied? Whatthe? That's what a nanotube does, it compresses molecules of sound, molls culled over sinned Kindred WAKE!

a wink of an eye sliced by time and practiced hands of the new dreaming men. Culhane's words.Kindred: blank. If You Believe, Culhane hissed.

Half the tenants of Joy Motel hissed words out of air hoses, the rest gargled the laughter out of their lives. Sid Skin glowed only at dawn.

You seem to be free-associating more than usual. Skimming neural nets without the usual artificial sweeteners. Are you lucid?

When your father took you to the scene, did he fasten your seatbelt securely? Take your time before answering. This could be very important.

We found this in your room, stuffed inside a VHS box of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. It's an autograph, but we can't read the writing.

You gave me this photograph at our first session. It's underexposed, but it does look like Culhane. You told me it was your father.

What would you do if we took away your key? Would you move your precious belongings to another motel? Do you even know where the exit is?

I am going to strike you now, with enough force to break the skin. Will you retaliate? We don't think you will. I think you need me.

Kindred bleeding brooding swallowing teeth and smiling smirking slashing grin nodding rising steaming exiting through the wall socket gone.

Psychdaddy making a precise horizontal line across the chart and smashing his forehead on the desk with enough force to break the skin.


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