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43 Rusty redhead

night? fence? 5 senses deja vu morgue vent moon burned bodies rust from gutter blood? Kindred kicked the rabid brainstream greyhound back.

Track on back, Kindred midstream braindream bitgleam steam slipding Will OhhBee Will Ohh Bee State Shhhun. psychdad for a fragment there.

Even up here in ours heads, Kindred couldn't keep on trackclakclik Will o beee start serling your balsam martini B&W up here remember that.

Kindred tried to say, Saturn V rockets were rusty redhead men to the skies blue green sun screen that great american dream satellite tinting

colors primarily red confirmed from Kindred's last dying breath (inside that damnable balloon) bluerayed futuretime yellow bird tweet poof.

slipstream back to blackwhite starved rock enroll steambowl weevull null void ink pen lan dough link can grout 66 technohomily homicries out

Satisfied, Kindred shut himself off, before Big Q. Meeks could. Back at Joy Motel, the bearded guy shuffled pages stapled shot glasses.

Snoring through snot, Sid Skin helped Meeks drag Kindred home to his hanging. Dick Overtones grabbed the doodles, Nazi Supergirl Booze.

Meanwhile: Mantell was gone from Grissom, he pulled a Remy, a PKD. The Joy Motel an antipode to the quantum singularity of Trinity's pull.

Only a select few disciples could tear holes through the minutes like snuff film burn marks dog-earred parchment he was with Karin in 1964.

Mantell spent himself in Karin's self, nurturing his new life, should he slit Karin, see if she ghosted out, motel curtains riffled pages.

As they rolled in Nebraska picnic soil, he knew he'd need a purple shirt one day, the kind that Presley cat wore on the Singer Special 1968.

Which brought to idle reason, his hand drawing hourglasses on Karin's naked thigh, her nether blonde tangy, she loved him for his mantellity

certainly not his crooked looks, not jagged like in old age, if he ever made it past 1968 this could be it 1964-1968 looping brainstream.

Mantell's hand on her belly of steel, Karin turned off. He buys the shirt, somehow he kills Kindred; what stops Kindred from crawling out?

Offal had told him before futuredeath that Kindred lived in a hotel & Nixon had resigned to clean turbines and he knew each Apollo launch.

Every crew member, every date of lift-off. It scared her that he knew, he could describe the moons of Saturn, the 4th planet from Wolf 359.

He told her he died surrounded by pills in 1982 contracted to ghostwrite a novel for quickcash alimoney bennies blueballs bookname joymotel.

Offal thought it was his way at seduction, she shrugged, breasts sunjiggle, twilight hiding her nipples, sky torn plums. Forget Kindred.

I walked up to the Huddle House, bluebirds twittering on a TV antennae. Hungry tummy toothpick eyes get coffee by the gallon red balloon?

Antennae looked funny yellowed eggs runny, I could jot a quick tale for Analog. Caffeine bright, pills dissolved, spread out Mantell's notes.

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