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73 Past Saturn

light fractalstream pouring through pinprick holes in computer punchcards, spraying detail across the neuralnodes of the sylph's receptors

illuminating desire, fear and hatred, for those are the big three, whitehot flashpoints of cannonfire reshaping history according to whim

trinity is there, PKD's brainstream begins with mushroom cloud ascendant heavenward, goats floating on airy vibrato musical muscles flexing

the watcher crouches until the shockwave passes, then topples over backward to twitch on desert sand, eye gouged out gone, blind to meaning

pink sandstorm scours headlamps clean to shine dark lies under clear skies, high today 107 and still climbing great god almighty the creator

K tate flinches as the sylph adjusts the amplitude of the brainstream she is monitoring to damp down the soundtrack a few decibels, shotgun

K dad's childhood blastflashes through the expiring brain of g-man falling, zipforward to nam and hauling culhane across wetfields dripping

lala's eyes flitflickering at rem speed as she retransmits the brainstream across the nightsky for the visagerists, white-robed worshippers

music of the gods, brainstream tonewaves resonate to PKD's favorites, country joe and the fish, grateful dead, stones, jefferson airplane

audible gasp from the throng mindriding the headwave pulsing from lala's fingertips, blueinvisible electricity drives humming turbinepulses

some of the women are panting eyes closed hipgrinding, involuntary reaction to the thrumming lifeenergy transmission, sexual rhythms bumping

their white-robed pastor arms akimbo, howling gibberish as they race past saturn, universal mist of eons etched in neon on retinas burning

K tate slumps in his chair then rises bodily toward the ceiling, three men lunging to grab his foot and pull him down like a bobbing balloon

they open a door and take him outside, a bonfire sending sparkcrackles into the night air, a baby is crying in dead decades gone, oh glory

waiting for the sign, they watch lala as she projects long pulseblue beams that warp around stars to light the heavens, brainstream moonbeam

she nods and they release K tate and he floats rapidly away until he is a mote in god's eye and the visagerists hum incantations primeval

whalesong sparrowcry muzzleroar thunderclap backfire whistlepeep doorcreak gurglerush yawndown hisswish bombfall keyboardclack heartbeat

K tate appears hovering above the desert floor and drifts down as the visagerists scramble to make an opening, lala's enigmatic sunsmile

they rush to touch him and some tear away his clothes as keepsake souvenirs, beltbuckle, shoelace, anything, everything, until he is naked

K tate lies down with lala in a clearing behind a dune and centuries pour through him as ocean waves pull memories, interplanetary wisdom


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