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46 OutKin InKin

Mr. Kindred? Earth to Mr. Kindred. This is your daddyship calling, return to base. You do remember your psychdaddy don't you, Methane Man?

don't wanna talk to no docdad doodad tooday get outta ma face bespectacled man i got no use for you or your bedhead deadhead Kin Dread games

Mr. Kindred, I have noticed you have regressed into your fantasy spacesuit and helmet. I see you are breathing with the vacuum hose again.

air in here searing lungburn like mad brushfires in Australia only antidote is the redtanks you see arrayed here, soldiers in my prisonroom

The nice man down the hall, the one you call the Watcher, has made a formal complaint to the hospital administration about your mad antics.

watcher be dead i seen it with mine own left eye peepin' through the keyhole i seen OutKin face him up eyeballs touchin' he be realdead yup

OutKin? So you're persisting in your delusion that you have brainwashed someone else to carry out your revengeries upon the 12 disciples?

OutKin be da guy I anointed, he be Vietnam vet multidecorated on da killing feeled, he be C eye A and he be external and so be named OutKin

As opposed to you, imagining that you have been maimed in some long ago nuclear test in New Mexico, half-blinded by your father's bigbomb?

I be eyeless I lost an eye da blast ripped it out with sandpaper when I be nine and so I hafta punch my missions inta my neighbor's head

You use your seductive ventvoice to speak with your next door roommate here at the facility, yes, I know, we get the complaints every night.

I be givin' him da missions, tellin' him da details, where ta go and who ta kill, he doin' good, he killin' a disciple right now zipperdead

So, fine, I grant you your delusion, there is an "out" Kindred, external brainwashed doer of your wishes roaming the nightscape unchained.

damnright which makes me the InKin cuz I got one eye out and I hafta breathe through the tanks, I be da evil Methane Man lifestuck @JoyMotel

Interesting. OutKin and InKin. Very neat parcelization of your need states, your life essences corrupted by your desperation to forget.

forget? i remember all. you see dese papers stuck on ma wall? every scrap every curlicue pixel inkblot smudge captured in ma achin' brainpan

So where is OutKin now? If he exists, your Vietnam CIA trained assassin. Where is he? In your head? Or is he really out there? On a mission?

OutKin be goin' ta meet Karin Offal ma daddy's squeeze she be a key disciple I saw her humpin' ma daddy long time be gone she be curve sax-y

What is OutKin going to do with Karin? Is he going to kill her? Can he? Will your dead daddy disapprove? Can you risk his anger Vesuvious?

guilt shame game, docdad, I see what yer doin'. let's just watch events unspool through my visor concave time delay lean in bud take a look

Two heads earglued, eye-blinking witnesses to 1960s mass mayhem, psychdaddy realizing with some trepidation that he believes Kindred's tale.

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