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12 Nuclear duke

I see the world didn't end yesterday, Meeks said, behind the stick as I sat down. What makes you think it didn't?, a trail of shadow smoke

I jumped, then Kindred, so did psychdaddy from the shadows, his arms crossed, the fecund scary smoke slashing jetstreams, drunken contrails.

Kindred gestured to each of him, ambitextual and antsy and anxious to break the fourth wall. Nu-uh, Meeks cautioned, you gotta go outside.

Its a sin to smell a crime, docDad in the shadows, still. Say why not why? I spoke though Kindred. Stay here in third a spell, within me.

Culhane broke us apart, literally, as we were combined conjoined combatants after Meeks dialed up to 225. Culhane smelled of sweet pomade.

I checked the open window's blinds blowing from the turbines click clack just like smack my head saw the red the open window was 3rd floor.

Or was it always that way?Kindred passed himself like an errant kidney stone savant & checked the room above sublime turbines, whew floor 2.

Mac the Rant out of the lot down Damen past Scrip City hard left empty store Jupiter Shoes empty lot Schlitz Congoleum signs docDad: halt!

docDad asked Mac for a ride back his back bad that's docDad slurring Damen damn-ed, Damen & Thalamus Place, desert red past that bad back.

Mac ranted I want to drive docDad hand up halt the gospel you took the invite (bait) hooked on your own guitar string swing before the eye.

sugar in my boots sand in my eyes toecapped insurgency can't outrun the watcher tipped back rocking chair hallway monitor blinklessly alert

oh embraceable you cloaked in mist the breath of angels sliding sideways through half-closed eyelids to kiss your midnight dreams goodnight

Kindred on the dead hot run, stretching transparently thin, trying to outblip the watcher, sitting impassively in the open doorway of 266.

Blippin' flippin' whippin' past, a puff of moonlit smoke, Kindred exploding across the watcher's field of vision before retinal registration

Take that, daddy-o, I'm runnin' rampant, ain't nobody can touch this nuclear duke. At terminal velocity, I can almost see the Terminal.

Brainstem injection, off da shelf in the discount section of the Terminal. How was I to know it was untested, unscanned, viral, vile, dirty?

Some fella in Tok-city done uploaded a pile o' neuroses inta ma noggin and ain't nuthin' I kin do about it. I'm digestin' his confection.

Why am I thinking this way why was I talking that way double the questions yeah. My thighs burn, my eyes burn, regaining punctuation skills

docDad has a framed photo on his wall. Auda City At Twilight. Pretentious shit, you ask me. I let it go, because he never charges a fee

Just says the same thing half the other people in my lives say: put me in your next book wrecked nook novel hovel fictdictiondepicted damn

The eye is beaming at me again, trying to shut me off so the third person can come back and sprint and joust. Have to admire the Tena City:/

he waited near the corner, huffing past the turbines. Radio in Room 251 spraying surf music scattershot. Sentient third floor gives warmth.

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