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50 Uncertainty Event

drown smother shake how did it happen that she has learned to loathe my loving smile just five years gone was it that way with dad was it?

swingslip into her brainstream brassiere Nazi in a red cape floating like a balloon dad and Mantell with an 8MM commie superhero soft focus.

The film replayed on the side of the old Schlitz Congoleum Building, a threesome in the foreground, dad Mantell Karin preying mantis 1959.

hippy hippy shake shank I can get answers sometimes but she can't get mine oh you stupid commie disciple keep pushing me into hyperspheres.

I'm involved in a mental causation rift I don't know 1400 maybe 1440 BC. No idea what I'm seeing as she rubs lotion on my skin and shaves me.

I see Dick Nixon dropping bombs on Greater Persia and salute when the Supernatural Space Station floats in a mist overhead my invention.

All these me in the fifteen hyperplaces different speeds over here its like a 78 RPM in real time its like a spooling tape stop start clamp

Karin finds the green screen she's thisclose hide Mantell's knowledge, go Kindred you idio--Karin sees me eight minutes sooner, green gone.

One last push, a dark interluminal interlude of latitudes and longetivity, I take form as industrial clutter off Ashbridge's Bay as I rest.

slingshiftshotthwap 1882 cargo cult of kindred vanuatu island I taught magic of zero point energy to tribesmen who are now new disciples.

making bombs out of sacrificial skulls replete with occular regularity they tried oh they tried on that tiny eye ill if I could have helped.

but Karin whipped me back fast 2009 spring sparrow surrounded thundering loud type type type talk talk clik clk countdown for the bombing.

now: stupid: Karin Offal cannot squeeze anything out of me (except almost that time with the green screen green like methane) let her think.

Let her try. I went through eighteen diversions inverted through five years yet to arrive. And only I know of Mantell's Uncertainty Event.

Mantell, that same summer he made the flowered weapon dress, that son of no bitch had the greatest thought experiment of any disciple yet.

Captured brainwaves in Tesla coils withered hippies never missed their ideas fuel for the event that could change how everything lives/dies.

Long-haired counterculture writers artists transcendulisers fuel the capsule with pure thought, Mantell ticked off 3 2 1 slingshot straight.

zwoofswhippoolleertt schpinggg. On the way back, the thoughtstream in the spaceship spits out alternate reality fuel, spreads into space.

A hybrid existence go green screen and methane oh those rusty Saturn V rockets contrails swirling reflected in my duplicate's helmet. Night.

I sleep with more answers than I wanted. Mantell killed dad over Karin or over thought capsule (likely both), what was he trying to do/did?

Did it work? My guess, put him and Karin overlords in a reality where the bombs kept dropping baby onlyin the spaces between eyeblinks.

the new world order new world odor was methane so I think I'm seeing me as I co-exist, clever: wearing the spacesuit, can't touch & negate.

Space Command Midwest is just a front. In five years, Karin Offal will be fat & rancid. I am enjoying the brainstreams of my new unreality.


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