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44 Faux joy

Words like he wrote with a fist scraping sanskrit into stonehenge, then a page in perfect print, engineer or architect (of doom in both).

I needed sleep, the cook looked like he was pouring runny eggs from his intestines, just a messy frying pan. Liked to say "Deal with it."

Flipped the pages he flipped the bacon I flipped the finger, he was too busy jawin the waitress. Pages made little sense, time out RSS Feed?

Who names their dog RSS, Mantell was a nut job, pecan doom irony not lost on me. Then I figured it, Sherlock Einstein Heinlein. Backwards.

The notes were written backwards, crafty, less chance of torn off pages. Secrets on the lower levels, blue ink sometimes red, argument-like.

perhaps red was code to read the blue as dismissive remissive I was going to pop that fry cook in his egg-spattered guy, let him tweet away.

I slapped the book shut stuck it in my new shirt James Greyhound Shunk that's me, forty cents on the counter all I had was coffee, I think.

Huddle House when I walked in Waffle House when I leave waffle the name to the tired, huddled massives, coffee kick not in, I walk away.

And if this aint beat-all, I see a dinosaur as I walk to crest a ridge. A green beast, Cray computer big, like Space Command had. Hi, Spot.

A few steps higher, ah. Sunoco gas station. Shoulda known: deadDad worked at one of these in Levelland. Karin Offal like the oil, made sense.

Karin gravitated towards Sunoco, everywhere she went, sun=Trinity dinosaur logo=commies reds flopping in his coffee belly now downhill.

Space Command Midwest straight on roger and out capsule commander was me tradeup greyhound to nasa and no no no no no no not here not now.

I was at the bottom of the hill, the space building and planes and green screen speed streams within visual contact but right here right now

I can't groove into what I'm seeing with my space eyes hazing into the background here it was now here it is. Joy Motel, new motif, f*** me.

I should explore, this was a clue. Why else would psychDad let me see this, good thing I came into town from the back end, delaying my fate?

Would something dire me expire brain wetwired if I met myself here last time I saw herweeks months don't have this be At Joy Motel, please.

same color no balloon no Tourette's, red light cuer balls beer sign Schizo Sal's, est. 1987. I'm nuts. No, the 8 was a 6 covered with dust.

Sal Salt the owner came out said hi waved at the sky breathe and get high my new friend I needed no friends. Karin & Mantell, drinkers?

Drink here that is/was I asked casual causal, like I knew but didn't really, if Karin and Mantell--friends of mine fake quotes--drain keer.

All Lindred thought about as he watched from my mind was that once I got answers then decided I needed sleep: I was gone, Kindred back baby.

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