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15 Kissy face

Power to engines, turbines to speed. Moving out dinosaurkraut copyrider was write, garden to unearthly delight a seizure washed my brain.

I need to crank out the kinks, crack the atlas and the axis in my neck drain that sloppy spinal fluid pituitary cycles psychosis zip zing

Wing ding zip zero in on Culhane, his bra, what made him bad? I mulled it all as I brushed errant cocaine from the mirror edged mirror red.

I checked old maps, vision quests from when we were the C & K of the BRBLOLBFF crowd. Only there were more words back then. First postcard:

Greetings From FerroCity. I recalled the angry steam vents, Culhane tossing Flatirons left and right. We laughed at each others jokes then.

glk. reds inside a gusher, full strength brainstream aa--nnnnMANGA empty eyes where are my teeth and why does everyone have a ponytail?

dark-haired girl dirt track date does she hold dusky clues to last month's eventual dire fates? Ooo, look, it's Deedle in a pork belly pig.

What's it like, someone's gonna ask, I know. I'm sitting in a chair by my blessed you self, just one arm rest to shoot up lest I concentrate

on a one-armed chair & a dark-haired girl who was widescreen terminally ill until she snapped out of her bra as I nodded the nod in the nude

nothing came of that but for hindsight. I reached up & felt Culhane inside her, did he forget I had my PI card all hard I should come at him

teach him squelch him he reached out with a lithium air hose berrylium flavored spritzes bellecosy rosy lazy yummy pancake orgasm twice.

screaming yellow theaters of war theatrics that was Tunisia nodding back into it bare feet = hourglass prints in sand stream eyes sting

brain fling Deedle in amber around an Egyptian giant's neck, his face a hawk, his mate a cat, Deedle screaming in empty white balloons * .

Deedle in the past, I'm in his nowhere future, entropy off-white like Beechnut gum. No its bathroom floor tile the old house in Tallow Lake.

The house floats in a teal pool, electric blue corpse where I left it days ago, Nick Lipphid was him. Cut off his tale w/ a carving wife.

Nolan Void was my doc dealer back when, corner of Distaff & Disdain. Benzadrine zoof nosebleeds whwn I wake up in my golden box of love.

On the nod, Mac the Rant & Sid Skin locked out of Joy Motel, banging my brain. Can't help them on Earth Designate 17 in 3 days they kill me.

Mr. Kindred? Hello? Are you responsive? Can you hear me? Run this comb through my harebrain if you read me. Birdbrain, crackbrain, crank.

cuckoo, ding-a-ling, featherbrain, featherhead, flibbertigibbet, giddybrain, giddyhead, kook, lunatic, rattlebrain, rattlehead, rattlepate

scatterbrain, scatterbrains, screwball, shallowbrain, shallowpate, shatterbrain. Mr. Kindred, this is the Joy Motel. It is abandoned.

Why are you still here? Not the corrupt brainstream. That is simply not a feasible medical condition. All brainstreams are as advertised.

Tok-city. Toxic city. Toxicity. Lock City. Mac the Rant & Sid Skin locked out? They are ephemeral non-entities, neural hiccups, brainfarts.

Kindred writhing like a pike on a dock, impaled by the conventions of Freudian psychiatry. He loved psychdaddy like a mother. Kissy face.

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