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22 RIP daddio

I found myself in retrograde, not my intention nor my own fault, I had not been to Scrip City in days. People pass me by in my lucidity suit

the parrot next door implodes, my own door remains an open invitation, it takes several eyeblinks but I finally see Culhane's jaw tighten

I had my brain helmet on. You up there, the bald shining one, tell me if Joy Motel is passing by me or through me. I orbit farther away.

Yet I'm never higher off the ground, I recalled having to leap to talk to Ernest, it was hard to complete a sentence to his sentience.

So I'm gone from the motel, banished like scattershot acne, held back by memories of daddy. [INSERT YOUR SOUND OF CHOICE HERE]! He's here.

So many sound effects that blurt from the brainstream, I can see them as ragged stones from the voices in the flatwoods. It needs respect

THUD! My @$$. I can see ghosts of other brainstreams, falling as if in potholes after a harsh winter.BANG! why not: jump back red die right?

sound f/x left & right in slip stream pix stream slip stream slit through sift too this is what I see when all others pass me by me and I.

it is like Ong's Hat, fake documents copywronged by those who know the word big but not the word succinct, the bible sublime, yes, ongs hat.

Fifteen days that parrot implodes yellow Culhane's jaw crunches iron the turbines once smooth now broken nails on ancient cement & finally!

I stop. Motel gone. Sky wide. Nothing left. Nothing right. Literally: this wasn't right, everything gone. I look down: the dwarf from 1959.

This was significant. I realized that my being removed from the spineless effluvium of the Motel was an unexpected boon of self-clarificate.

I recalled reading a comic on my bed, the trailer out in Levelland, Texas. Hourman was fighting the Nanotube Gang. Daddy called to me go out

go out boy he called me boy when he was angry or else by my first and middle name like you are in for it now Kindred Ph--dad wasn't outside.

Empty then as it is now. Dad's voice an echo. Movement in a bush. It wasn't a dwarf, my dad never introduced me to a dwarf, it was a dodge.

And she was back, a telepathic preying mantis with the tattoo of a ribald lobster on its left eyelid. She ate my dad after sex, I remember.

And now she twittered her limbs together, spinning silk, silken sheets covered in blood, dad brought the wrong insect woman home RIP daddio.

9/9/59 dad dead I wrote him letters for years, unread. The preying mantis (her name was ~`~...the sound of space sexcapades) my dad spliced.

You're not real, I told ~`~. You're a motorcycle made from discarded plastics. For nine years I thought she had been a dwarf green blue 1/2.

She reminded me that I had to write 500,000 words before I died on my Smith Corona Galaxy Nine which coincidentally was where she was from.

I did a surprising thing then, I stripped to my Hourman underwear & allowed ~`~ to get close enough that I could smell acid in her pucker up

and I swallowed her whole, sure she was, well, dwarfISH,but she was very thin, secret agent thin crapped her out in a Sunoco in Laredo.

Off my meds too long now, think, thinking machine, think, 1959 1968 1973 flashbacks to Nam, me & Culhane on the Insane Unknown Offensive.

words less clear clever stem streph stream Tet THtThh the sound ~`~ made as I flushed that toilet sigel scratched into the wall in Hanoi's

decompressed by the monstrous colonic, Kindred fell back in the well where have you been world of name your favorite drugged out dreamscape.

try me hide me take me shake be believe thee eyes squint out drought bout gout the rote whirls out hyde in the scream brainscream not then.

Kindred back in the back of his mind at Joy Motel in a 2 Hour Nap with a suicide in his bathtub, 1st month free, the neighor parroting him.

curled in fetal metal Kindred cursed the parrot for cursing him giving up his hiding space bullet eyes look recall Insane Unknown Offensive.


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